10 days!

Just a reminder of what something can look like after 10 days and a lot of work.
I love the before and after shots:

Before and After/Front to Back

Before and After/Back to Front

The transformation of the space could not have been achieved with out the help of the MFA students at PNCA/OCAC Applied Craft and Design Program and Randy Higgins from Vizwerks. The MFA Students made the beautiful work tables and the wood wall panels. They also helped to install everything in the shop.  Many thanks!


I almost fainted...

I almost fainted when I opened this package from Eva Wylie today. I was so excited I had to take some photos before hanging. This is a silkscreen and collage on paper called "Windmill Island". See the detail images below.


Some New Things to See

Silhouettes by Abra Ancliffe, Entermodal Leather goods by Larry Olmstead, and Felt Tie Clutch bag by Chelsea Heffner

It has been thee years since Abra Ancliffe made a set of these amazing Silhouettes. Every one is an original work. The last set was featured on Design Sponge.

B-ings by Suzy Root: Boo-boo Kitty, Fly, Frances, Goose andVee

Getting Organized...



Ahhhhh, we are all sitting in chairs, feet up, after an AMAZING opening. A huge thanks to the City of Portland and Mayor Sam Adams for making this possible. Next week we will be having a big friends and family opening. Updates soon!

Here is Mayor Adams and Rachel. The Mayor is holding one of Suzy's creatures! Come down and see us!


Getting Ready!

At home painting our WORKROOM sign! Can't wait to get in there- grand opening is this Thursday night starting at 6pm. Come on by for wine, snacks and see what we all have been working on!

We're In!

Sadly, we didn't get any true "before" shots of the space. From the sound of it, the coat of paint that's now gracing our walls did wonders! So here we are, in downtown SW Portland, in a perfectly sized, excellently positioned retail space. (A former See's Candy Shop as you can see from on of the images)How did this all happen? Direct any and all questions to Rachel. I am just appreciating the opportunity, and treating it like magic!